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Aquarium Fish Industry In Malaysia

AQUARIUM FISH : Aquarium Fish Industry in Malaysia
EXPORT/IMPORT PERMIT : Procedure/Guideline related to Export/Import Permit for Live Fishes
THE DISCUS : The Discus Trail of Malaysia
MEMBERSHIP: How to become Member
REFERENCE: List of Freshwater Ornamental Fishes

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The Johor Aquarium Fish Breeders Association was incorporated in 1989. 
With the collective efforts of members and the impartial, competent 
management of the committte office, major problems have been solved.
This association is looking forward to challenges for a brighter future.

Efforts of the members and the policies of the government have encourged
tremendous growth of the aquarium fish industry, Johor has become the 
major producing area for aquarium fishes, and soon Malaysia could be a 
global trading centre for aquarium fishes.

Malaysia is a beautiful tropical country with many colourful indigenous
aquarium fishes. The association welcomes oversea farmers, traders to 
communicate with them and establish strong ties for promising development
of the aquarium fish industry.

Development of ornamental fish industry in Malaysia has witnessed rapid 
growth during the last five years. The export value increased from RM11.4 
million in the year 1990 to RM49.1 million in 1995.

Malaysia has great potential to become a major producer and exporter of 
ornamental fishes. Geographically, almost all ornamental fishes thrived 
well in the tropical climate. The National Agriculture Policy, through 
various agencies, especially the Fishery Department has stimulated the 
growth of this industry. Consultative and extension services are readily 
received by the breeders from Fishery Department.

The Johor Aquarium Fish Breeders Association with more than 400 members 
all over Malaysia has been playing a major role in the aquarium fish 
industry. More than 500 varies of fishes are produced. Constantly, new 
varieties of hybrids, mutants, colour and body forms are introduced to 
stimulate the market.